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New Projects ~
The only thing which limits me at the moment is time, and I am still not 100% convinced I am completely bound by it. (I am still stabbing my mortal finger into the web of the space/time continuum, looking for a weak spot of sorts. I'll let you know when I find one.) I have countless projects and ideas swarming around in this brain of mine just waiting for the chance to have their day in the sun. The Chronicles of Mister Marmee is just one series in one genre. I have other books in other genres which are in the works and will have their day of glory as well. As they near some level of completion, I will grant you, my audience, tantilizing glimpses until such time as they are ready for their final and official graduation to a full-fledged tab. So keep coming back to visit. The adventure has just begun.
Journey to the Darkened Realms (Book 1 in the Land of Na'vaar Series) ~ In the world of faerie, where magic is a birth right, Mariandrie is the grand exception. Born without wings and maturing with no magic, she has learned to live life by a different standard than her friends. When her father and a delegation of other men from her village disappear, and the rulers of the Upper Realm refuse to search for them, Mariandrie and a band of her friends set out on a dangerous quest of their own to find their fathers and bring them home again.